Foundations Begin at Commercial Ave. 

Welcome to our Commercial Ave. Campus. This Madison College location is a home base for our Construction and Remodeling program and several apprenticeship programs.   

Drive by and you’re likely to see a parking lot full of tiny houses or sheds. These structures are the results of the hands-on learning taking place just inside.

Concrete building

Construction and Remodeling 

Build a solid future for yourself with your own two hands. Earn your one-year technical diploma. Learn more.  


Earn while you learn. Get paid for hands-on and classroom training while you master a trade. Start here.

Tiny Houses and Sheds 

See what our construction students are up to. Step inside

Visit Us 

Explore our Commercial Ave. campus.  

Take a virtual tour of our facilities here and now.  

Night Classes in Construction

Fit your construction training into your busy life. Night classes are offered each semester. Email us to learn more:

HEP for Migrant and Seasonal Workers

Sign up for our High School Equivalency Program for migrant, seasonal farm workers, and their families. Contact us: hep@madisoncollege.ed

Transportation and Parking at Commercial Ave. Campus 

2125 Commercial Ave. 
Madison, WI 53704 


Good news! As a Madison College student, you get a FREE Madison Metro bus pass. Save on gas by taking the bus. We have bus stops on campus and nearby.  

If the bus isn’t convenient, try carpooling


Park for free in the Commercial Ave. Campus lot.  

Events at Commercial Ave. Campus 

There’s always something happening at Madison College.  

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