College brings a lot of new challenges. You can’t know everything from the beginning – and we don’t expect you to! Our amazing team of advisors is there from the moment you make the decision to come to Madison College. And they’ll be there for every step of your journey.

advising session
Help From the Jump
You’ll have a whole Student Success Team before you even walk in the door.
Advisors Galore
Academic advisors ... faculty advisors ... success coaches. Whatever the question, someone has the answer.
going Somewhere?
Transfers are our specialty! From UW-Madison to the Ivy League to HBCUs, we’ll help you get there.

Before you get here

It begins with application and acceptance. Let’s do this! Because once you’re here – life gets really interesting.

Apply to Madison College!


It’s right there in the name: Advising Application Information & More. Everything you need to know pre-program. Get help with:

  • Admission requirements for programs
  • Flexible and online learning options
  • Transfer pathways to four-year schools

Advising and registration

“Which classes should I take first?” See? You already need an advisor. Get help with:

  • Planning the courses for your first semester
  • One-on-one help with enrolling in classes

WolfPack Welcome

There’s so much to learn even before your first class. Start out right with our new student orientation. Get help with:

  • Finding free academic services like tutoring
  • Developing success strategies like study skills and time management
  • Getting involved and having fun

Once you’re a student

Have you ever wanted your own posse? At Madison College, you will. We call it a Student Success Team.

Academic Advisor

Your academic advisor can help with just about everything – from registration to commencement. Get help with:

  • Exploring which classes to take
  • Planning a transfer to a four-year school
  • Staying on course for graduation

Faculty Advisor

This is your expert source for everything related to the program you’ve chosen. Get help with:

  • Questions about your program
  • Choosing the best classes to meet your goals
  • Taking classes in the right order to stay on track

Success Coach

Adulting is complicated. Setting goals ... managing your time ... That’s why you have a coach. Get help with:

  • Developing a Personal Education Plan (PEP)
  • Strengthening your study skills
  • Learning about campus resources and programming