of graduates are employed—and earning money—within six months.
Average saved on tuition per year
by starting your bachelor's degree with us, compared to eight area colleges
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"Financial aid made my life easier because I was able to earn my degree without delays due to cost."
Dave J.
Marketing Graduate
College Is Expensive
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Dare to compare

Numbers speak volumes. Compare our average annual tuition (2021-2022) to other area schools.

(Source: College Navigator)

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Add it up
See how much you can expect to pay for school, materials and living expenses.

If you've got the will...we've got a way to pay!

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"Madison College is extremely affordable. They have multiple programs for scholarships. They have grants. They have financial aid. Madison College cares about you."


Early Childhood Graduate

Take advantage of these resources.

Contact our financial services staff for help.

Financial Aid

Apply for federal, state and direct funds to cover the costs of school. Completed the FAFSA—Free Application for Federal Student Aid to get started. Financial aid is awarded via:

  • Grants (money you don't have to pay back)
  • Work study (campus jobs for extra cash)
  • Subsidized loans


Money you don't have to repay? Yes, please! Check out Madison College scholarships today!

Direct / Private Student Loans

These are funds you won't get through the financial aid process. Repayment terms and interest rates will vary by source.

Veterans Benefits

Credit for Prior Learning

Earn College Credit in High School

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Free Workshops
Get the lowdown on paying for college.
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"I was a nontraditional student and dislocated worker. Madison College helped me with my financial aid so that I got a Pell grant and scholarships."
Joel D.
Auto Collision Graduate